Ever since our first grandchild, Bradley, was born two years ago, we've been dreaming of his first sleepover at Papa's (Ethan) and Mimi's (Mindy) house.

Our son, Matt, and his wife, Kelly, like many parents do, needed an evening to themselves. FINALLY! It's difficult to put into words the feelings of being a grandparent. There are two words that sum it up best: PERFECT LOVE.

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Whenever Bradley arrives at our house, he comes up the stairs, and runs right over to me and yells, "Hi Papa!" Now, that's a way to kick off a Saturday evening! 

You really never have to tell Bradley to use his words. Much like his father, when he was Bradley's age, he used a vast multitude of words from the moment he woke up until the moment he fell asleep. There were times when I had to ask Matt, especially when he got to be around four, "Please, Matt, I need a 5-minute talk break. I'm begging you!"


There was singing and snuggling, marching around the kitchen, wearing Papa's glasses, and walks with Uncle EJ to see the small waterfall down our street. He LOVES his Uncle EJ!

Sometimes parents with grown children forget what a challenge it was trying to always do and say the right thing when their kids were growing up. It was exhausting. As a first time grandparent, I'm not gonna lie, but there is a sense of relief when mom and dad come to pick him up. 

As I was putting the finishing touches on this Bradley Blog, Matt texted me to tell me that, without any prompting, Bradley told him, "I had fun at Mimis' and Papas' today." That's my definition of a perfect weekend.

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