Before you load up a couple of cases of Bud Light onto your boat this pre-holiday weekend, check this out. The U.S. Coast Guard has announced they will be aggresively patrolling Long Island Sound, local marine police units will be patrolling the shoreline, and the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will handle lakes and rivers, Candlewood Lake included.


US Coast Guard data taken from 1995 through 2009 shows that Candlewood Lake is the most dangerous lake in the state with 74 boating accidents. We've had a boat on the lake for the last 20 years and every once in awhile we see a couple of clowns acting like idiots who shouldn't be piloting any kind of watercraft.

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If you've been in a boating accident, have witnessed an accident, or you see someone operating a boat in an unsafe manner on Candlewood Lake, call the Candlewood Lake Authority immediately at 860-424-3333 available 24/7. Have fun out there and I'll see you on the Lake!!