Let's look at this like grown ups for a second. People who practice sound judgement and decision making will often use Pros vs. Cons lists. Yeah, I am not one of these people, but let me stretch outside myself here, so I can best make my case against this.


  • Shoppers who do proper research can save hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars on their Christmas shopping.
  • It boosts our national economy.
  • It creates jobs.


  • People get punched.
  • People get kicked.
  • People get stabbed.
  • People get trampled.
  • People speak to each other in the absolute opposite tone of what the "spirit of the season" is supposed to be.
  • We send a message to our children that "things" are a priority in life.
  • People who work in retail lose their holiday having to work.
  • Also, people get stabbed, kicked, punched and trampled. I repeated those, because I think they are kind of a big deal.

Just look at how the CONS list is longer. I won the debate, I stayed calm, goodnight Hofstra. I mean really what are we doing with our lives? We are like children. We're not men or ladies when it comes to this. It is ridiculous. Do any of us really need all these "things?"

Just think about all the items you have bought on Black Friday. Now, think about all the items we have purchased that have improved our lives. Think about the items we still use. If that is not enough to ponder, just take a look at some of the highlights from Black Friday 2016. Kinda not safe for work. Turn your volume down.

I think I have made my point. We can fix this before it's too late. I am making a case that we should go back to the way things used to be starting in 2017, or we are doomed.