In a story from the News-Times, a bear came dangerously close to a hiker in northwestern Connecticut last week and the Department of Environmental Protection has decided that if the bear can be caught, it will be put to death.

The DEP's plan to euthanize the bear has been met with strong objections via an online petition entitled "Don't Euthanize a Curious Bear Cub," with the hashtag #SpareTheBear. So far 13,000 signatures have been collected imploring to let the bear live!

Here's what we know, when the female hiker stopped walking on the trail, the bear circled the woman and may have made contact with her leg. She was not injured. The DEP called that "bold and aggressive behavior." Because the bear was stomping, posturing, and jaw popping as it pursued the hiker, the DEP has determined the bear should be euthanized if and when it is found. Here's the video the female hiker took of the bear "attack."

Dennis Schain, a spokesperson for the DEP told the Hartford Courant his agency received around 100 emails and phone calls protesting the decision to kill the bear. Here's an idea, how about you tranquilize the bear and transport it to a wildlife preserve?

If you're walking in a wooded area in Connecticut, maybe carrying bear mace would be a good idea. So, what are your thoughts? Should the bear be euthanized because it was curious? Please reply on the i95 Facebook page.

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