"Finish high school, go to college so you can get a decent job". It's still the mantra drilled into the majority of today's youth, but not everyone's ambitions fit the mold. From the website Mentalfloss.com come some crazy-ass job opportunities that are a bit on the weird side but pay pretty well. 

1. COW FART SMELLER - The CFS is a real job but one needs to posses a finely tuned olfactory system. Most CFS opportunities, which start at $50,000 a year, are currently in China. The CFS is trained to whiff cow gas to make sure they're eating a proper diet. The bad news is you must refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol.

2. PROFESSIONAL CUDDLER - We actually interviewed a PC in the Danbury area. The position can be very lucrative starting out at around $80 per hour. According to "SnuggleBuddies" a "Professional Cuddler" is primarily platonic where you cuddle and talk with your clients without any funny business.

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3. GOLF BALL DIVER - One hundred million missing golf balls are recovered in this country every year. Depending on how many years you've been on the job and which golf courses have contracted you to find their balls, "Golf Ball Divers" can make from $32,000 to $90,000 per year. Keep in mind the serious GBD sometimes needs to wear the full wetsuit and oxygen tank.

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4. PROFESSIONAL MOURNER - Also known as "Moirologists" these are individuals that you can rent by the hour to attend funerals and wakes in case you want to bump up attendance possibly due to the unpopularity of the deceased. The going rate is $80 for two hours. The fee increases if the hired mourner is asked to cry loudly and/or rock back and forth.

5. PROFESSIONAL BRIDESMAID - There are a couple of different reasons hiring a bridesmaid may be a good idea. If you've chosen to have a destination wedding at some remote location on the other side of the world, and some of your bridesmaids are bitching about coming up with $2,000 for the dress, airline tickets, and accommodations, just rent bridesmaids. No muss, no fuss, and your ex-girlfriends will thank you for it! Professional bridesmaids usually go for between $300 to $600 per wedding.

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