If you're a Billy Joel fan, you gotta love the rippin' sax solo in "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant" from Billy's 1977 album, The Stranger.

This Saturday evening at the Danbury Palace Theatre you can experience that sax solo from the band that backed up Billy on the road and in the studio in the 70s and 80s. The Lords of 52nd Street features Richie Cannata on sax, Liberty DeVitto behind the drums, and Russell Javors on guitar.  Lou and I talked with drummer, Liberty DeVitto who told us:

This is not a Billy Joel tribute band. We'll be playing the tunes that we played with Billy on the road and in the recording studio.

According to an article in Rolling Stone Magazine from 2010, DeVitto played drums with Billy from 1975 until 2005. In May of 2009, DeVitto filed a lawsuit against Joel and Sony Music claiming they owed him 10 years worth of royalty payments, not because he wrote any of Billy's tunes but because he collaborated on many of Joel's songs. The lawsuit was settled amicably in 2010.

Billy Joel's 'Turnstiles' Album Cover Courtesy of Amazon.com

These are the guys who recorded and played all over the world with Joel during the 70s and 80s and are now back together again after 30 years as the Lords of 52nd Street and can't wait to play for you this Saturday night at 8 pm at the Danbury Palace Theatre.

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