Ugly, noisy bugs with translucent wings, and wide-set eyes are getting ready to rise up from the ground, and attack the Northeast!

It almost sounds like the making of a new horror film! Not really, it's just billions of cidadas getting ready to attack like they do every 17 years. OK, attack is a strong word. According to an article on, after almost two decades of growing up underground, the males are ready to "get-it-on" by rising up and making lots of noise.

These little, red-eyed varmints are lookin' for love. After spending the first 17 years of their lives feeding on plant roots, they're ready for some sweet action. Wouldn't you be?


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These cute little bugs are called Brood V cicadas. Literally, they amass in the billions, creating their high pitched mating call. The sound comes from the rapid vibrations of their tymbals, which are membranes in the cicadas abdomen. These rapid tymbal vibrations are a call to love. If the female likes what she hears, she responds by snapping her wings. Add a glass of chardonnay, some candles, and you've got a perfect cicada evening.

According to a NewsTimes article, the soil has to reach 62 degrees before the cicadas are able to pop their little buggy heads up from the ground. They'll spend their first week above ground as wingless nymphs and then shed their cumbersome shell, and that's when the games begin.

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The bad news? After having the time of their lives, the males drop dead leaving the females alone to lay hundreds of eggs and raise the little buggers alone.

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