My wife and I were headed home on Sunday night, and as I was pulling up Jeannette Street in Danbury, I could see two people moving around trying to get our attention.

They flagged us down, and told us there had been a motorcycle accident, and that the police were not there yet. They asked if we could block the road off on one side, and we did. I told Erica to stay in the car, and got out to see if I could help further.
The two good Samaritans had the situation under control, and I could hear police sirens, so it was time for us to get out of the way. We did, but before we did, I looked and saw that the man seemed to not only be in bad shape, but it was obvious that he was not wearing a helmet.

I went looking for articles about an accident on that street on that night, and I found an article from The Patch about it. According to the article, the victim is 27-year-old Michael Rodriguez. The article did not specify whether he will be OK or not, but I hope and pray that he is, or will be, OK.

I know Connecticut is one of the states where you don't have to wear your helmet on a motorcycle, but I hope that if you are a rider, that you do. It's far too dangerous on the roads in a car let alone on a motorcycle.