According to the NY Post, Bartolo Colon was in a Manhattan court yesterday defending himself against allegations that he is the deadbeat dad of two secret children. Alexandra Santos is the woman alleging this, and says Colon has not paid any child support for their two young love children. Colon has been married for 21 years to his wife Rosanna.

If this begs any question, it is this - How do you lead a secret life when you are that famous? He has become one of the most recognizable sports figures in NYC over the last few years. He gets extra special attention because of the way he performs on the field at the age of 43. He gets extra special attention because he just does not look at all like an athlete. He gets extra attention because he has played for both the Yankees and Mets. So, really, how do you have a wife, a girlfriend and secret children all in the same city without someone taking notice?

The fact is, if it's true, he should just pay the child support and get it over with. He has made major league money for many, many years. He is currently under contract for $7 million. I realize his days in Major League Baseball are numbered, but by all accounts, the guy is charismatic and popular. He can launch a broadcast career after his playing days on either an English speaking station or a Spanish speaking station. Best of luck to "Big Sexy." Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but two? TWO WILL STRAIGHT UP GET YA.