Fact - Connecticut is a "Licensed Open Carry State." This means that the carry of handguns openly or concealed is allowed in the state of Connecticut.With that said, according to an article in the NewsTimes, a boycott of local grocery stores that allow customers to openly carry a hand gun is becoming an issue. The support group, Moms Demand Action have been pressuring stores like Caraluzzis in Bethel and other Danbury area stores to ban customers who openly carry their gun while shopping.

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Even though the law says that "open carry is legal," private businesses can individually decide not to allow guns in their stores and many stores have done just that. Stores like Costco, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Shoprite, Starbucks, and Target do not permit guns in their stores.

Because Caraluzzi's does allow customers to shop with guns, residents against the "open carry" law are going on Facebook and posting negative comments. Sharon posted, "Sadly, the 'open carry' policy is a safety issue not a political issue, I don't go. And the visible presence of arms being carried by people who may, or may not be nut jobs in a GROCERY STORE, is not only craziness, but sad."

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Andrew's Facebook post was just the opposite, "Great family owned business! I was happy to see that you allow people to legally carry their firearms on your premises. My kids and I feel safe here when we shop."

Where do YOU stand on this issue? Do you feel safe or intimidated when you see someone carrying a gun?

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