I've talked to a few lobster roll lovers over the years and I get the distinct impression that they would tour the state to sink their teeth into the best lobster rolls Connecticut has to offer.

CTbites.com has polled their staff, some of their readers, professional critics, along with a chef or two in search of the best warm buttery lobster rolls in Connecticut.

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    "Lobster Landing".....152 Commerce St..Clinton

    You'll find many a lobster lover claiming "Lobster Landing"(860-669-2005) has the all around best lobster roll in all of New England! This age old sea shack perches on pilings right over the water. The owners hire a fleet of 9 boats that bring back fresh lobsters from Long Island Sound. Just order at the outdoor counter and within 5 minutes you're munching on 10 inch bun loaded up with a quarter pound of fresh mouth watering lobster.

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    "Abbott's Lobster in the Rough"(117 Pearl St.-Groton)

    This legendary Connecticut Lobster Roll(CLR) is made from hot lobster( still swimming as you order) when you order at the counter. These crustaceans are slow-steamed in 50 year old cast iron vaults. Workers collect a quarter pound of lobster meat on a sesame seeded hamburger bun, add Abbott's own branded chips, some slaw and a couple of Abbott's sweet pickle slices and you'll be smiling all night. Keep your eyes on gulls overhead because they're also big Abbott's fans!

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    "Seven Seas"(16 New Haven Ave.- Milford)

    Milford is the home of the Connecticut Lobster Roll(CLR) and Seven Seas in downtown Milford serves up a true representation of the CLR in a dive bar kind of atmosphere. As your knockin' down a beer, your bar keep will slide over a plate with 3 ounces of warm meat stuffed into a grilled top cut long bun served with a pile of hot thick cut fries and a cup of creamy cole slaw. This is top o' the line bar food at its very best!

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    "The Chelsea"(Fairfield) and "Match"(South Norwalk)

    The owner of both restaurants, Matt Storch, grew up as an Abbott's Lobster fan, so his lobster rolls pay tribute with plenty of fresh lobster, butter, and bread. The bun is the best! it's a sturdy top cut pretzel roll made to soak up the excess butter without getting all soggy. You get a stack of delectable lobster with a side of sea green citrus slaw and a bag o' home made golden brown barbecued chips. The Chelsea in Fairfield and Match in South Norwalk......

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    "Captain Scott's Lobster Dock"(New London)

    Captain Scott's took a beating from Sandy's surge but lived to tell about it and continues to prosper. They're located over the New London marina and their two sizes of lobster rolls are legendary all over Connecticut. Their large CLR is a hefty 5 ounces of succulent lobster loaded into a boat shaped bun. The smaller portion is a 2 ounce roll, made for folks watching their waistlines and can be devoured in 3 or 4 bites. Captain Scott's offers counter service only where dining is all outdoors. If you're not counting calories, try one of their shakes made with Gifford's Ice Cream, a true treasure!