513 yards, 4 TD's and NO interceptions. The most impressive thing is not that Carr threw for 513 yards, one of 3 people to ever do that, it's that he threw the ball 59 times with no picks. 40-59 on the day. The Raiders beat the Bucs in overtime 30-24.

I'm a Raiders fan and I cannot enjoy this. Why? Because Derek Carr threw the ball almost 60 times with no picks, he threw for 500 plus yards and they scored 30 points as a team and they still needed every minute of the game plus overtime to win it.

Derek Carr and the offense of the Raiders have done their job and then some this year. The Defense however needs to do their part or this team goes nowhere. You are in the best division in football in the AFC West so just to make have playoffs you will either have to win the division or get the wild card with the best record in the AFC outside the division.

Then there is the concern of how much of your team is based on your QB. God forbid Derek Carr gets hurt, this team is done. I know I should just be happy my team is tied for 1st in their division after so many years of being bad. Fact is however I see how good they are and realize they could literally go all the way as is. They could, I believe that but they are SO fragile.