My wife posted this on my Facebook page and I was not ready for the tears that were to come but they sure did. 

Everyday is a new struggle, a new challenge for my wife Erica and I being step parents.  When we decided to move in together and then to get married we knew there would be challenges but nothing could prepare us for the reality of the situation.  This is a great story that gives me hope for the future.

When the guy talks about how he never calls his son step son I can completely relate.  Lucas is technically my step son but I treat him like he is my own.  I'd like to say that my ex-wife and I get along but the truth is we don't.  We don't see eye to eye on anything.  That is where Erica's role in our family is so important.  She has to be there to help referee things between my ex and I.  She has a way of talking to people and being diplomatic without be a push over.  That's not fair to ask of her so I never have.  She just stepped up to the plate in every way when it comes to being a mom.  One day she was a single mother of a young son and a short time later she became a mother of three young boys and she navigates the daily challenges that come with that perfectly.  When I started dating after my separation the most important thing to me was to whoever the person I would end up with would have to understand that my boys come first.  Erica not only understands that but has raised my game as a father.  She demands only the best for me when it comes to being a father.  It's cheesy to say but the fact is we were meant to be together and to raise these three boys.  Being a step parent is difficult...sure but if you have the right partner there is nothing you cannot get through.