Did higher education just get a little yucky?

I have to be honest, all bugs creep me out. But just the idea of bed bugs truly makes mine skin crawl.

According to pestworld.org, nearly all pest professionals have treated bed bugs in the past year. They say that statistic is pretty consistent over the past few years but higher compared to five, 10 and 15 years ago.

According to WFSB.com, Yale University is buzzing with bed bugs. Ironically they are living in several rooms in the School of Medicine dormitory. Even though bed bugs are no laughing matter, I did chuckle to myself. I mean, you would think they'd just now to stay far away from the medicine wing. Obviously University officials say they are dealing with the infestation by treating the rooms.

While experts say bed bugs are pretty common in places like college dorms, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. I was pretty surprised to read in Pest World  that they've been found in a prosthetic leg, in a casket with a deceased body, and even a dance club. Yikes. No where is safe. Are you creeped out even more now?

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