This is the i95 Road Crew

That's Jeremiah, Jessica C, Jessica M., Maureen, Mimi, Caitlyn, Don, and Jared. Justin and Alex were sleeping, but they're also on the road crew! And these are the people that are going to be takings your tickets, and selling you beer, and putting out thousands of other emergency fires this Saturday at Brews & BBQ 2015 at Ives Concert Park.

Photo courtesy of Large "Don't try to counterfit this image" Dave

I was walking into work, and they were having a "Pre-game" meeting trying to figure out all of the things that they have to do this Saturday. They work HARD. Please say hi and thank them for helping you have a great time Saturday!

If you haven't bought your tickets to this year's Brews & BBQ festival, what's wrong with you? DO IT! Click HERE NOW!

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