The Mets had an exciting and unexpected run to the World Series.  In the end they did not win.  What did they do right?  What did they do wrong?

What the Mets did right:

  • They went out and got the extra pieces they needed to make a legitimate run at the playoffs.  They acquired Yoenis Cespedes, Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson.
  • They got Matt Harvey somehow to stop being a baby about his innings limits and so what needed to be done to get them to the playoffs.
  • They did not trade off any of their young dominant arms at the trade deadline.  There were rumors all season that they would dump one maybe two of their stud pitchers to go get bats.  They were able to keep them all and get bats.
  • They made quick work of the Cubs in the NLCS.  This was going to be important for them to have one series in the playoffs not be a nail biter.
  • Daniel Murphy got white hot for 7 games in the post season.  There is never a way to predict who will break out like he did in the playoffs but every successful post season team needs an unexpected player to step up big.
  • They were too young to know the magnitude of the games they were playing so the guys just went out, played baseball and did not let the bright lights get to them.

What the Mets did wrong:

  • Yoenis Cespedes had a terrible post season at the plate and was not great in the field.  He needed to at least show up offensively.  He did not.
  • They needed the bullpen to step up and at least be semi reliable.  They were not good.  Even Familia had a bad World Series.
  • Daniel Murphy cooled off at the plate in the post season and was a joke in the field.

Over all I think the Mets played better than anyone expected this year and it was a successful year because there were no expectations coming in.  Next year there will be huge expectations.  Hope they are ready for that because if they make it to the World Series next year they WILL be expected to win.