Darryl Strawberry joined us yesterday to promote his upcoming appearance at Faith Church in New Milford. 

He will be preaching there this Sunday at 9 AM and 11 AM. You can get tickets by calling 860-354-7700 or going to faithchurch.cc 

Listen, I am a Yankee fan. So, during the Mets' glory days, I was not a big Darryl fan, but that all changed. In the mid 90s, George Steinbrenner took a second chance on both Darryl and Doc, and it paid off. I was a big Darryl fan from there on out. It was clear that he still had something left in the tank, and loved his teammates. We talked with him about his recent appearance at the honoring of the '86 Mets Championship at Citi Field. We spoke about Lenny Dykstra, Darryl's faith, and the performance of the Mets.

Thanks to Darryl Strawberry, Faith Church and John Hodge for making the interview possible. Darryl is proof that anyone can turn their life around.