Should the firearms industry stop marketing to kids?Meet Josh Sugarmann, a Newtown High graduate who heads-up the Washington D.C. 'Violence Policy Center.' Meet the Newtown based 'National Shooting Sports Foundation.' One of Sugarmann's objectives is to stop the marketing of guns to children. Sugarmann told the Newstimes, "The NSSF's assertions that hunting is safer than bowling, can at times be so divorced from reality that they cross the line from the absurd to the surreal."

The NSSF's survey says that you need to hook the kids on guns before they're 12 ,before they go looking for other activities. Are you telling me that it's more important to educate kids on gun safety instead of perhaps playing sports? Do we want the kids prepared when the government turns into an all out anarchy or possibly a zombie apocalypse?

The National Shooting Sports Foundation doesn't like Sugarmann very much calling him a "propagandist who is beneath contempt." From the Violence Policy Center website comes a marketing ploy from Marlin Firearms, "Marlins XT 22 Youth rifles are winners. If you're a kid looking for his first rifle, this is the gun you'll need to tell your parents about."

As the gentleman in the video said, "As Americans, we have that right," and he's 100% correct. While gun advocates see the importance of educating our young about firearms, I don't understand that 'importance.' Tell me why I'm going to regret not teaching my kids how to use a firearm.

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