Even though he was never charged with murder, his step-daughter is absolutely certain that he did, in fact, kill his ex-wife and her mother, Mary Badaracco.

The NewsTimes reported that Dominic Badaracco was sent to prison for seven years in 2013 for offering a judge $100,000 to influence a grand jury investigation. Beth Profeta is convinced that her step-father, Dominic, killed his wife and Profeta's mother, Mary, who vanished from their home in Sherman in August of 1984.

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Dominic has just been granted early release from Osborn Correctional Institute by the parole board, and his step daughter, Beth Profeta is livid. Mary Badaracco's body was never found, but she was declared legally dead in 1991.

Profeta told police that their home life was filled with psychological and physical violence, most often aimed at her mother, Mary. Profeta told the NewsTimes that Dominic would beat up her mom, causing injuries that often times sent her to the hospital.

According to the ctpost.com, from an article published on June 1 of 2013, the State Police interviewed a Hell's Angel in witness protection, who told them that Dominic's son, Joe, and another gang member "whacked" Mary Profeta at Dominic's request. Apparently, she was going to tell what she knew about Dominic's activities.

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Profeta just wants the day-mare to end, saying she hopes that someday her step-father, Dominic, will be convicted of the murder.

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