According to the News-Times, the search for the downed plane that plunged into the Titicus Reservoir in North Salem on Thursday around 4pm moved into its fifth day. The occupants were believed to be a South Salem, New York couple, Val Horsa and Taew Robinson, who own the Bangkok Restaurant on Newtown Road. So far the back tail of the plane's fuselage and the passenger compartment have been located, but are too heavy to be pulled from the reservoir.

The plane was a 1971 Beechcraft Bonanza returning from Mississippi to Danbury Airport. Officials will be bringing in a specialized contractor to recover more pieces of the plane. There has been no evidence found of the victims believed to be inside the plane, but some items have washed ashore including a piece of clothing and an eye glass case.

The nose and most of the main cabin remain missing. The New York Department of Environmental Protection and State Police aviation units have been conducting the search.

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