On Sunday afternoon Mindy and I were out on our pontoon boat, "Radio Waves," on Candlewood Lake, anchored in Shelter Rock Harbor near Great Neck, when from out of nowhere and around a corner comes a Pirate ship getting ready to make land.

As they made their approach to "Great Neck," they still hadn't acknowledged our presence just off shore in Shelter Rock Harbor even though we were maybe 50 yards apart.

We didn't know what to expect, so we braced ourselves for an imminent attack.

As they reached land, everyone on board, including their pet dog, "Patch" scrambled into the woods to explore, but returned to the ship quickly looking relieved and content knowing they had accomplished their mission.


After the boarding process, the ship backed out and then headed right for us! "Blimey," I said as I caught sight of the gangplank!  We were only out for a fun day on the lake with two families and their kids on board, looking forward to some cruising, swimming, and lunch on the pontoon.

Not really knowing what to do and with panic setting in, we began waving chocolate chip cookies and juice boxes, desperately trying to let them know we were not a threat and there was nothing to fear, but the Pirate ship edged closer and closer to the bow of our pontoon.


As they approached, we noticed the old salt had something in his right hand which he called, "beads of peace." He proceeded to say "Arrrrgggh...ahoy matey! We come in peace and these are for you and your crew!" As the old seadog threw them to me, he gave me a  "Yo Ho Ho" and said, "Enjoy your day matey!" and off they sailed into the sunset. Now THAT'S how you do a Sunday on Candlewood Lake!!


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