Back in the early 1900's according to Business Insider, journalist Napolean Hill, sat down with one of the wealthiest men in the world, Andrew Carnegie, to talk about what he thought it took to achieve one's potential.

Hill also interviewed hundreds of other self made millionaires in addition to Carnegie. The result of his research was a book titled, "Think and Grow Rich." In 1954, Hill held a series of lectures expanding on the principles of the book. These lectures are now available in print titled, "Your Right to be Rich." The following are the habits he found that successful people have in common.

  • 1

    They Surround Themselves with People Who are Smarter than Them

    Successful people, in most cases, seek out people who can complement their own talents which in turn help them become even more successful.

  • 2

    They Have Self Control

    Successful people need to be in control of their emotions because an impulsive crucial decision motivated by emotions could destroy years worth of work.

  • 3

    They Gather Information Before Reaching Conclusions

    Gathering information before reaching a decision is an everyday necessity for the President of the United States no matter who's in the White House to effectively make, what he thinks, is the right decision. The President's cabinet and chief of staff are his main go-to guys.

  • 4

    They Always Do More Than Expected

    "I don't get paid enough to put up with this crap." That is a phrase you won't hear from a successful CEO.

  • 5

    They Are Extremely Charismatic

    Part of the charisma is being able to listen closely and validate others perspectives.

  • 6

    They Treat Others the Way They Would Like to be Treated

    Andrew Carnegie's Golden Rule was, "When you make any decision, or engage in any transaction involving the other fellow, put yourself in the other fellow's position before you make a final decision."

  • 7

    They Pay Attention to Details

  • 8

    They Focus on What They Want

    Journalist Napolean Hill said that instead of focusing in on "what you don't want," such as your "fears," the "people you distrust," or the "things you dislike," think about all the things you want and like.

  • 9

    They Are Diplomatic

    Because Andrew Carnegie was tactful and always maintained a polite cool air with everyone he spoke with, he didn't need to make any demands. People would go out of their way to help him out because of the respect and diplomacy he showed to everyone he dealt with.

  • 10

    They Maintain a Positive Attitude

    It is so easy to fall into an endless loop of negativity at the office, especially if you have one or two people who thrive on being negative all the time. Negativity can be contagious. I remember one of my first bosses here at I-95, Buzz Knight. He would never say an unkind word about the company he worked for or anyone on his staff. Instead of always criticizing his people, he would always begin a conversation with a positive and then discuss what needed to be improved upon. Buzz is now a Vice President at Greater Media in Boston.