Over the last month, Creepy Clowns have been spotted all over the East Coast. Almost every town to our south has had its sightings, but are the Creepy Clowns on their way? What about Danbury? How safe are we from the Creepy Clowns?

According to techtimes.com, the Creepy Clown craze started back in late August in South Carolina. Reports of Creepy Clowns trying to lure kids into the woods using money as bait where being reported.

Creepy Clowns have also been reported in North Carolina, with sightings in Florida, Virginia, Alabama, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and now New Jersey and New York. Connecticut could be next.

So at least for now we can rest easy. But keep on the lookout, and make sure your kids are aware and stay clear of wooded and secluded area's where these Creepy Clowns are usually spotted.
So far there have been 12 arrests related to Creepy Clown hoaxes across the country.