Where do you go when you need meat piled on top of meat with buns made of meat? Arby's, of course. Not on Monday. Arby's will go all vegetarian this Monday for a leap year celebration sure to delight at least 3 people.

According to Yahoo via the PR Newswire, Arby's will roll out a vegetarian menu on Monday only. They will actually still sell their signature meat line that day, but you can also, for one day only, get veggie versions of their famous menu.

Yeah, sure, you can still get meat that day, but Arby's is missing something here. They should know, after serving a meat lover's menu for so many years, that true meat lovers don't even want vile weeds in the vicinity of their cherished carcass burgers.

You can't have healthy alternatives in the same building. Meat lovers won't hear of the possibility of a piece of  broccoli, or kale being neighbor to their sweet, juicy beef products.

Also, forget, if you will, the meat eater, and their concerns for a moment. Consider those poor protein depleted vegetarians. Why on earth, under any circumstances, would any self-respecting vegetarian choose the Arby's veggie menu? Why would they do that? They would never again be able to show their face at the next granola festival.  THINK ARBY'S! THINK!.  You are going to spend a full butt-load of green to lose a fuller butt-load of green. Get your head right.