So you're sprawled on the couch in your boxers on a Sunday afternoon three beers in while watching the Golf Channel when your wife yells from down the hall that she's made plans to have some friends over that evening. Turns out she's invited four, maybe five couples over to the house for an apple pie party???!!!  Really?!! Your first thought, "We need lots more beer" and, "Where did she come up with this hideous idea?" To make matters worse, your assignment is to buy four dozen Granny Smith apples and peel them all in the next half hour.


Luckily you've just seen a video online where a chef came up with the idea of using a power drill to peel those pesky apples. He takes each one and sticks it on the end of the drill and VOILA, each apple takes only 3 seconds. You've gone from being the slug on the couch to APPLE MAN. Good work dude, you may even get laid tonight! Check out the video!