There is not an invention in the history of the world that is better than Yoga Pants.  Thank you mysterious genius who came up with this. 

Cotton, the phone, TV, internet, the automobile, computer, shoes?  No ... it's Yoga Pants.  Yes, I capitalized it.  It needs to be seen and heard ... needs to be known.

Look at this phenomenal display of humanity right here.  BANG. BANG.

Pictures one and three are the best.  I'm very happy to know that in my short time on this earth that I got to live in the Yoga Pants era.  I know I will forever be grateful.

What did they do in the 1800s?  What?  What did they look at?  Sure....the sky, the ocean, cute kids, green grass....all beautiful.....but they pale in comparison to well placed Yoga Pants.  BOOM....ROASTED...EARTH.

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