My commute to work usually takes me about a half hour, but with the construction that keeps occurring on I-84, I've had to plan commuting an hour in advance to either travel on I-84 or cut through back roads.

I've even been guiding some of my co-workers recently with directions and now want to pass them along to you.

Here are my favorite detours to avoid I-84 construction traffic:

Exit 9E of 684 is always crowded, but the ramps to merge to I-84 East are being renovated. Whether you're stuck in traffic to merge on that exit or not, I recommend driving alternative routes.

1. Brewster is within the state borders of New York and Connecticut. From both 684 North and South, you can take exit 10 and make a left at the traffic light. Remain straight to Danbury within exits 1-5 of I-84.

2. You can also drive to the end of 684 North to Route 22 in Brewster. At the traffic light, make a right on Milltown Road. At the end of the road, you can make a left to New Fairfield Route 37 or right to Danbury Route 39. You would be driving within exit 5 and 6 of I-84.

New Fairfield:


Here are alternate routes I recommend if you're commuting from exits 10-1 of I-84 West.

1. You can take Route 25 from Newtown and Brookfield, continue through Danbury along Newtown Road which becomes White Street and leads to Main Street. This route commutes exactly parallel along I-84 West so you can continue this backroad as long you want or go on I-84 if you see that traffic is moving well.

2. If you're driving Route 7 South from New Milford/Brookfield, get off exit 11 Federal Road, make a left, and follow Federal Road towards White Street to cut through the same directions listed above.

Write your questions, comments, or direction ideas.