According to CBS News, New York City's Mayor, Bill de Blasio signed a new law yesterday. The law requires that all single occupant bathrooms throughout the city allow for unisex access. All men's and women's bathroom signs must be pulled down, and replaced with a unisex sign according to the article.

That's all well and good, ladies, but you will now be sharing with us men, and I would like to warn you of some things that you may encounter. You might not like it:

  • The lock on the door is always broken. Someone kicked every door right through its hinge back in the 80s, and no one bothered to fix them
  • There is a film of mystery liquid on every men's room floor.
  • We are always out of toilet paper.
  • There is no soap in the soap dispenser. EVER
  • There is a smear of dirty fingerprints down the center of every men's room mirror.
  • You will read the most racist, sexist and homophobic statements in the stalls of the men's room, written all over the walls in permanent marker. The art really does leave a lot to be desired. And for every terribly insensitive comment, there are two penises drawn on the wall.

I'm not proud of my gender for these things. I actually really have a hard time using public restrooms, and will avoid it at all cost. It is, however, the truth. If you can live with that, then, by all means, come on in.