Not long ago I wrote about the dangers of blue-green algae and how to spot it. Well, it now some beaches along Candlewood Lake have been closed because of algae blooms.

According to the Candlewood Lake Authority, beaches in Brookfield, New Fairfield, and Sherman have been closed because of increased algae blooms. Right now it's just a precaution and Brookfield is scheduled to reopen today, August 19.

The Candlewood Lake Authority has looked at and taken samples from all five town beaches and are awaiting results. Blue-green algae is not uncommon to find in Candlewood Lake, but now there is a better understanding of the health risks blue-green algae can pose to people and to pets.

The blooms usually disappear within days, when there is a change in weather. However, if you think you have seen blue-green, it is best to avoid swimming in that location and keep your pets out of the water as well.

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Also, you can check out the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) website for more info and pictures of blue-green algae.