50 years ago, Lynn, Mass. officials shut down an outdoor concert by the Rolling Stones when a thunderstorm broke out and caused Stones fans to go ballistic.
A story from WFTV9 claims that the publisher from the Daily Item in Lynn, Mass, Ted Grant, has sent the Stones an open letter inviting them back to finish their concert. The date was June 24,1966 and the venue was the Manning Bowl Stadium where fans charged through barriers and pretty much started a riot. Tear gas had to be used to quell the ruckus and the Stones vowed they would never return.

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Grant has reached out to Stones management requesting an interview for the Daily Item's 50th Anniversary edition. Hard to believe Mick and the guys haven't responded. Grant told WFTV9 that they've tracked down several people who were actually at the concert on June 24, '66. Grant even offered to pick them up at the airport and treat them to coffee, dinner, and perhaps a round of golf. Grant also said if they were light on cash, they could even crash at his place.

In the open letter, the Item's chief executive, Beth Bresnahan, entices the Stones with promises of a city experiencing a rebirth with new housing, businesses, and fancy restaurants. Still no response from the Stones.

The Item's publisher, Ted Grant also told WFTV9 that he wasn't at that show back in '66 because his mom wouldn't let him outside after dark. He did ask Mick that if they do return to Lynn, it would be swell if they could play, "Monkey Man."

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