Things you need to know on July 22.

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  • The Middletown man accused of throwing his infant son to his death from the Arrigoni Bridge may pursue an insanity defense. Tony Moreno made his first appearance in Middletown Superior Court yesterday for the killing of the seven-month-old boy. Moreno jumped from the bridge into the Connecticut River, but he survived with serious injuries. Moreno remains jailed on a more than $2 million bond.
  • Hacking of your vehicle is certainly a viable threat. Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal is offering a bill that seeks to protect computerized cars from hackers. Blumenthal says that cars are becoming connected devices, and the privacy of drivers must be protected. He says that in rushing to roll out the next big thing, auto makers have left vehicles unlocked to hackers and data trackers. The bill would direct federal regulators to establish standards to secure Internet connected cars.
  • If you have plans to use JFK or LaGuardia anytime soon - read this. Hundreds of workers at Kennedy and LaGuardia airports plan to strike tonight. A union representing more than 1,000 security guards, baggage handlers, and wheelchair attendants made the announcement after members unanimously voted to walk off the job.The workers are demanding higher pay and better benefits.
  • Looking to make some new friends? Consider this - Bill and Melinda Gates are the world's wealthiest couple. That's according to new numbers from the research firm Wealth-X. They came in first with a net worth of almost 86-billion dollars. Retail fashion tycoons Amancio Ortega and Flora Perez of Spain are second on the list - worth over 70-billion dollars. Warren Buffett and Astrid Menks are the world's third wealthiest couple with 65-billion dollars.

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