Do you wonder what Christmas looks like at Donald Trump's place?  Do you wonder what it involves?  I do. 

I'll bet it's a ridiculous spectacle.  First of all...GOLD EVERYWHERE!  Gold bows, gold ribbons, gold wrapping, gold boxes and inside actual gold.  That's an easy one that we can assume right away.  What else might he do?

I know dragging your butt out of bed on Christmas morning is not easy...not like when we were kids.  You have been running around for weeks and were probably up late the night prior wrapping gifts so you are wiped.  I'm sure Donald does not wrap his own gifts but he is very busy and probably too tired to get up.  So if you are the Donald you hire a team of hulking strongmen to lift you and your family out of your beds and carry you to the tree.

Then there is that Christmas bed head we all experience and have to look at in photos for the rest of our lives.  Not on the top floors of Trump Towers...OH NO.  They have a team of stylists come in, do their hair and dress them to avoid those awkward Christmas morning photos.  The stylist does not matter for Trump himself however because nothing can fix that head.

There's always that terrible Christmas morning clean up.  Wrapping paper, bows and ribbons everywhere.  Not in the Trump house.  NO NO.  They have professional volleyball players who dive on the ground and catch your garbage mid-air so that it never even hits the floor.

Then of course you know he has to have some gaudy, uncomfortable in home performance for the family.  He does not just hire some carolers...NO. NO.  You get Russian ballet dancers, the Trans Siberian Orchestra and Wiz Khalifa all at once.

Yeah the Donald Trump Christmas is probably as ridiculous as we might imagine.  Might be cool to check out once but chances are to get in you will probably have to be part of the enormous staff answering his every beckon call and that's not really my style.