Hallelujah, robot snowblowers have arrived!

Just in time for my 66th birthday comes word from Southeast Patch of an automated robotic snowblower called the "Kobi." The days of my wife worrying that I'll vapor lock while I'm actually shoveling snow are over. Truth be told, I really never shoveled the driveway because I've got a plow guy who makes sure my driveway is clear all winter long, but during a nasty winter, a plow guy can cost major dollars. Check out this technological miracle.

Just think how much money I'll save when I purchase this automated snow eater. The Kobi is a modular Roomba for snow and leaves. It can throw snow into a dedicated area. You manage where it will throw the snow through its app, then after its programmed, it can figure out where it needs to go and can remember the route it needs to take. The Kobi is equipped with a GPS to avoid obstacles plus you can even buy snow tires for it! How cool is that?! But wait, there's more! This amazing technological achievement can also rake your leaves and mow your lawn!

Let's check the price tag on this wonderful technological marvel. Whaaaaaat!! It's $4,000 and it's not even available yet? $4,000? Are you shi##ing me? I pay my plow guy around $350 each winter which means it would take about 11.4 years before the "Kobi" would become cost effective. So obviously the crappy Kobi are for guys who are printing money. Suck it Kobi!

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