Alex Rodriguez has been nothing but a burden for me as a Yankee fan with the exception of a decent post season performance in 2009 and a great regular season in 2007. 

His off the field antics have done nothing to help his image and have made Yankee fans targets for loathsome Red Sox fans. The height of his bad decision making off the field for me was not his steroid use or lying about it, but the shirtless photo shoot with him kissing his own reflection in the mirror.

Then there was dating Madonna, dating Goldie Hawn, the shirtless tanning in Central Park... it was all bad.

Then you had mostly poor post season performances from Alex.  You had the time he decided to pick a fight with Jason Varitek and got his ass handed to him. He has always been an embarrassment as a Yankee fan and out an unnecessary taint on Derek Jeter's final years in uniform.


He is in the booth with Joe Buck analyzing the World Series?  NO... Please NO.

You couldn't carry your team past the first round of the playoffs and yet I still have to hear from you waxing poetic about the hunger and determination of Jacob Degrom while I'm trying to enjoy the World Series and drink a beer.

Alex....your voice in annoying, the way you speak is annoying and I do not want you to pursue a career in sports broadcasting.  PLEASE!  I BEG YOU.

Leave us alone. Stop embarrassing us and yourself. This was the bottom for me. The lowest I have felt.  This moment.