It's all about the dollar.

According to the New York Daily News Will Smith of Long Island City, NY bought an autographed Daniel Murphy bat from The 12-year-old used $175 of his birthday money to buy the bat before Murphy went on this historic post season tear.

The Daily News then says that after Murphy's six home runs in six consecutive games the order was cancelled.

Will's father Patrick believes that the company plans to raise the price of the bat and put them back online for sale.  The boy was given a refund and offered a 25 percent discount on a $500 dollar signed Mike Trout bat.

The only problem with that is THE KID IS A METS FAN!

Topps is obviously digging for every last dollar and they deserve a swift kick in the rear end for doing this to a 12-year-old kid.  Somehow Topps managed to blame the MLB Alumni Association for the mix up but I'll bet they will make every last dollar they intended to.

The good thing for this kid is that chances are Daniel Murphy will hear about this injustice now that it's in all the local papers and maybe the kid will get to meet Murphy and get a signed bat delivered right to him.

When I was 12 years old this would have sent me right over the edge.  Stuff like this happening to a kid can feel like the end of the world to them.  I remember when I was 10 years old my dad took me to Giants training camp.  I met Lawrence Taylor and asked for his autograph.  He said:  "Do you have a pen?"  I said no because I did not but i could get one out of our car.  He said:  "Sorry kid, I'll get you next time."  There was no next time, I never forgot that and I still have yet to get my autograph.  Make it right L.T.