Surviving without a car in Danbury just might be a possibility.

Uber is alive and well, serving the Danbury area, and it's easy to use. What is Uber? It's like calling a taxi, but instead, you're calling a registered Uber driver who will pick you up in their vehicle.

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To contact an Uber driver, you must either download the Uber app to your smartphone, or you can contact Uber by using your tablet or computer. Sign up, and create your account, and you're ready to get Uber-ized!

According to the News Times, the average wait time for an Uber ride in Danbury is only 5 minutes, and Uber is the ideal solution when you need a designated driver.

For example, you're out to dinner with a friend, you've had way too many shots of jagermeister, and you've become ridiculously obnoxious by attempting to make out with the hot bartender. At that point, your friend then makes the wise choice to leave you at the restaurant because of your ass-holic behavior. How are you going to get home? UBER! But, you may have to ask someone to navigate the Uber app on your phone.

I did the research, and it appears you are not able to call a phone number to book an Uber ride. Give it a try. You never know, they just might send Jimmy Kimmel to pick you up!

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