Tomorrow, we will play eBay or No Way on the Ethan and Lou show, and this is your jump on the competition. 

Are these actually available on eBay or No Way?

Scarlett Johanssen's Used Tissue

Used Dog Collar owned by Michael Vick

Vial of Michael Jackson's Blood

Pair of Gary Coleman's Sweatpants

Arnold Schwartzenegger's Finger Nail Clippings

Britney Spears Used Pregnancy Test

Marilyn Monroe's Chest X-Ray

Bill Murray used wash cloth

The Rock's sweat in a jar

George Zimmerman American Flag Painting

Of course, I cannot give you the answers. You will have to guess tomorrow for your chance to get tickets to see The Flight of the Conchords at the Capital Theater in Portchester, NY on June 9.

Here are my guesses:

I say that the Scarlett Johanssen tissues are on there, while the dog collar can not be. Arnold's finger nails, for sure. There is no way the Britney thing is real. As for the rest, who knows? Who's to say? Ethan has the answer key, and won't show me, so, like you, I am in the dark. We will find out tomorrow. Just tune into the Ethan and Lou show, and we will play after 7 AM. You can call the Ethan and Lou show at 203-775-9595.