With the summer and hot weather here many people like to take their dogs out with them, but there are many dangers for dogs once they get in the car.

Dogs love taking a ride in the car with you, but with the summer here talking your pooch for a ride, especially when you have to run a few errands, can lead to major problems.

Thanks to the folks at petfinder.com, here are seven reasons why you should never leave your dog in the car:


  • 1

    Cars aren't cool

    Temperatures in your car can rise up to 40 degrees in less then an hour.

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  • 2

    Cars can heat up fast

    Temps can rise fast inside your car, especially within the first 30 minutes

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  • 3

    Cracked windows don't help

    The heat will increase just as much with the window cracked as it does with the windows closed.

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  • 4

    Cars can get as hot as an oven on hot days

    On a hot summer day a cars interior temperature can heat up to over 120 degrees in just a few minutes

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  • 5

    Shade does not help

    Even when the car is parked in the shade, it can still heat up causing heat stroke to your pet.

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  • 6

    The A/C doesn't help

    Keeping the car running and the A/C on can be even more dangerous for your dog. Not only could the A/C break down, but noxious fumes could build up.

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  • 7

    Keep your dog at home

    Not taking your dog along and in the car, and leaving him in a cool house with a bowl of water on those hot days is the best idea. In the end you'll both be a lot happier.

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