So I waited until I would not cry, so much for that.This is my father in law.  He passed while I was on vacation, to complicate things his daughter and I have not been together for over two years.  I did not get to say goodbye.  For those of you who have listened to the show everyday for the past 6 yrs. you have met him at some point or I talked about him or you heard him on the show.  He was my biggest fan, the same way he was with his kids.  He died of brain cancer.  F*CK CANCER.  I have a great Dad, someone I am proud of, someone who makes me better, my hero.  I was lucky enough to have two of those in this life.  This man welcomed me into his home, he gave me advice and protected me.  He was funny, smart and above all loved his family.  If I am half the man he was I will be happy with my life.  One time a man was down at the corner of his house messing with the bulk pick up and Big Mike and i thought he was dropping things on his lawn.  He ran out of the house intending to chase the guy and I was 2 steps behind.  When I got in the car he was amazed to see me.  We drove down the road and confronted the guy and his pitbull.  When all was said and done we figured out the guys was taking and not leaving.  He was embarrassed and so was I.  But he and I were smart enough to wait till we got back to the house to laugh about our mistake.  He was a brother as much as a father and he loved me as long as I loved his daughter.  This man supported me and loved me as he did his children.  For that I will forever be grateful.  I played softball with him, watched football, cried in his chest like a baby when my kids were born.  He was the most upset when his daughter and I broke up.  His heart was enormous and everyone should aspire to be like my dad and Michael Masiello because they love their children above all things.  I was proud to know him and even more proud to be loved by him.  He leaves behind a beautiful wife; Teresa Massiello, 3 wonderful children; Stephanie, Michael and Danielle and his grandkids.  My boys will miss you Papi!  I will never let Louis and Chrisy forget you.  I will miss you.  You were my 2nd Dad, my mentor and a lovely family man.  I waited to post this so I would not get emotional and cry.  So much for that.  Michael Massiello, you and my dad are the strongest, most forthright men I have ever met.  Let the angels escort you to where you belong...HEAVEN!