Things you need to know on August 3.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • Another boating accident involving teens happened over the weekend in Connecticut.Two teenage girls were hurt following a boating accident off Jennings Beach in Fairfield. The 13-year-old girls were being pulled behind a boat when their tube slammed into a moored yacht.The two girls were both taken to the hospital, where one is being treated for serious injuries and the other for minor injuries.
  • Put the food down. Two men are facing charges after a food fight broke out at Denny's in Danbury on Newown Road in the overnight hours Saturday morning.The incident reportedly started  with the flinging of food, and then turned violent.  Brandon Mats and Jamal Savoury of Bethel both arrested. The men are charged with third degree assault and breach of peace.
  • Connecticut officials are urging people to protect themselves from mosquito bites after the discovery of West Nile virus infected mosquitoes. The batch of mosquitoes where West Nile is present was discovered last week in Waterford.
  • People can be idiots! HitchBOT's trip to the U.S. is over, only two weeks after it started.  According to HitchBOT's official website, the robot was vandalized in Philadelphia over the weekend. David Smith, co-creator of the robot said some of the HitchBOT's parts had been stripped out. HitchBOT is considered a social experiment in which the hitchhiking robot is given rides to different destinations by everyday people. The quick trip to America included stops in Boston's Fenway Park and New York City after kicking off in Salem, Massachusetts.

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