Ethan and I are going to talk about this tomorrow on the show and we want your input. These parents are making excuses for this kid.

Are you serious?  The way they are talking about this is like it's no big deal.

This is a sensitive subject and it's a hot button issue that, I quite frankly, want nothing to do with, but I cannot ignore this one because they are saying things like the molestation was "over the clothes."

I don't care where it was or when the kid was wrong. I don't care if he was "curious about girls."  He was wrong. "They didn't even know he had done it." He was wrong.

If you say the first thing to do is to protect the girls then that should be your focus ... not doing P.R. for your molester of a son. BTW ... the mother needs to back off on the makeup. Seriously lady, you are scaring the children ...  all 19 of them.

I really hate to be this cynical, but I think that this is promotion for the show. I know that sounds sick, but it's a sick world.

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