Once a "secret"...but now the "secret" is out!

Little did Dr. John Pemberton know on this day in 1886 that he was setting up the "world to sing". There he was cooking up concoctions in a brass kettle over a fire in his backyard. Voila - he creates Coke. The story is an interesting one.

In April 1865 he was serving as lieutenant colonel of the Confederate Army's 12th Cavalry Regiment, Georgia State Guard, Pemberton was slashed across the chest by a saber, and like many wounded veterans, he became addicted to the morphine used to ease the pain. He was a pharmacist so he searched for a cure for his addiction. In 1866, he started working on painkillers that would serve as opium-free alternatives to morphine. After many tries he started experimenting with coca among other things. Eventually he developed what would become Coke. Pemberton mixed it with water. A drugstore clerk eventually used carbonated water creating what we now drink as Coke. 

Are you guzzling one now? Will you add it to something else over the weekend? Well then you are not alone! Turns out that 38 MILLION GALLONS are now consumed DAILY! 

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And "COKE" is the MOST understood word in the world. They have, indeed, taught the world to sing. I know you're humming it in your head - possible even belting it out loud. All while smiling!

Here's a Pam "fact" - I can NOT sing - can't carry a tune to save my life! But I do try every once in awhile over the airwaves. I know, it's painful..lol..but I AM smiling all the time and hopefully making you smile while I rock you. You can listen online by clicking HERE