The website that brought you "Ashley Madison cheaters by town in Connecticut" now has delivered "The 10 Worst Places to Live in Connecticut."The authors at, always explain to their readers that their lists are all based on the data they've collected and is not a slight against any community. They analyzed 268 CT cities based on the community's crime rate, quality of their education system, and the overall economy. Low grades were given for high unemployment rates, high housing vacancy rates, long commutes, and poor weather.

  • 1


    Unemployment Rate: 10.2%

    Crime Rate: 9th Worst

    Weather: 28th Worst


    Bridgeport, CT - Credit Getty Images
  • 2


    Sunny Days: Far Lower Than Most of CT

    Commute: 13th Worst

  • 3

    South Woodstock

    House Vacancy Rate: 29%

    Unemployment Rate: 7.4%

  • 4


    Crime: 3rd Highest In State

    Unemployment Rate: 12.4%

    Hartford - Credit Steve Frost
  • 5


    Crime: Well Above State Avg.

    Unemployment Rate: 8.4%

  • 6


    House Vacancy: 27%

    Household Income: $41,196

  • 7

    East Brooklyn

    House Vacancy: 15.2 %

    Crime: Worst 5% in Connecticut Per Capita

  • 8


    Unemployment Rate: 8.7%

    Household Income: $41,000

  • 9


    House Vacancy Rate: 34%

  • 10


    Crime: Worst 5% in State in General Area

    Household Income: $39,300