Every state across the country is unique because of their own special distinctive characteristics. You know someone's from Connecticut when___________.

1.  They know how to pronounce, NEW HAVENNEW BRITAINWOLCOTT                     

*Emphasis is on the second syllable and Wolcott is pronounced 'Wool-ket'

2. They eat their lobster roll with BUTTER not mayo.

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3. They know they're eating a GRINDER, not a hoagie, or a sub, or a wedge. It's a       grinder.

4. They know what and where CHICKEN ROCK is.

Chicken Rock on Candlewood Lake - YouTube Screen Shot

5. They go, or have gone, apple picking every fall.

6. They've heard the scary story of the White Lady.

7. They own a pair of boat shoes. You don't need a boat to own a pair of Sperry's.

8. They've taken the drunk train home from Grand Central at 2 AM.

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9. They still wear their Hartford Whaler's jersey, hoping and praying that the               Whalers return to Connecticut.

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10. They live in fear of hitting a deer or being hit by a deer while driving at night.

If you'd like to add one of your own, You Know Someone's From Connecticut When__________________. feel free to drop it in the comments section.

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