That is a startling number.  I mean I cannot imagine. 

According to The Week that is the case.  They say however that that represents just 0.04% of the U.S. population.  But still if you are one of the 1.1 million that do not have a toilet you probably don't care about the percentages you just want a toilet.

They also that roughly a billion people worldwide do not have toilets.  Think of that when you sit down for Turkey day and meditate on it.  Well maybe not before you sit down to eat.  Maybe just reflect on it in the hours before a meal.  Yes we do have plenty to be thankful for in America and even more specifically in this region.  Life ain't bad.  Our problems are truly first world problems.

Even here in the states it is amazing to me how some people live.  I was watching the Discovery Channel show: "Alaskan Bush People."  This show follows the adventures of a family that literally lives in the bushes of Alaska far away from anyone else and no they don't have a toilet either.  They live off the grid which I am sure has it's advantages but watching this one episode where they built their house and insulated it with cardboard box pieces was eye opening.  I mean I complain if I am stuck in traffic too long or the meal I ordered at a restaurant was not what I had hoped and people all around the world have to go to the bathroom in the woods.  It might be a good statistic for me to remember year round that I have a toilet and that I am lucky to have one.